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KYP- Know your People by 10k Schools
Know Your People by 10k Schools is foundational to keeping children safe in education.


WHY 10k Schools?

At 10k Schools, our initiative "Know Your People" (KYP) stands as a paradigm-shifting approach to every school's foundation of safeguarding, driven by a profound commitment to revolutionize the educational sector. Our founding team, composed of leaders with an aggregate of over a century’s expertise in guiding global compliance, HR, and administrative operations across diverse industries, also includes school leaders who have helmed some of the most prestigious and challenging educational institutions globally.

As pioneers in the Future of Work discourse, our team possesses a deep-seated passion for redefining operational methodologies within schools, particularly emphasizing the societal significance of ensuring children's safety in educational settings.

KYP represents an innovative leap in school compliance, setting an unprecedented global standard for continuous risk assessment within educational institutions' workforce. Our approach transcends the conventional norms of employee checks at the start of employment, recognizing the dynamic nature of employee suitability over time. KYP's methodology, inspired by the robust Know Your Customer (KYC) standards prevalent in the financial sector, offers a proactive, comprehensive, and adaptable safeguarding framework. 

Our revolutionary model is transforming the safety and integrity of educational environments, ensuring a steadfast commitment to child protection and welfare.