Safer schools start with smarter screening

Save time and energy with AI-assisted candidate screening, while ensuring 24/7 compliance so you’re always inspection ready.


Ensuring full workforce compliance with safer recruitment standards is hard

International school hiring teams have a hard enough job as it is without the back and forth to verify candidate data, documents and backgrounds checks.

And when those checks aren't completed in the late stages of the interview process, schools can be forced into making unnecessary exceptions which put their students and staff at risk.

Guided Interviews 03
Intelligent Screening Platform

Workforce Screening Platform

The 10K Schools workforce screening platform automates the collection and processing of candidate data and documents, saving hiring teams valuable time and energy, while ensuring full compliance with safer recruitment guidelines with AI-assisted candidate screening and interview workflows.


Platform Features

Career History Analysis 03
Automated Career History Analysis

Programmatic Objectivity

Screen an unlimited number of candidates simultaneously, measuring compliance with our gold standard background checking process to enable more objective hiring decisions.

Live Risk Dashboard 01
Live Risk Dashboard

Always be Inspection Ready

Live monitoring of new and prospective employee background verifications and checks provides school leaders complete clarity and peace of mind in the run up to inspections.

Guided Interviews 01
AI-assisted Interviews

Guided Interview Workflows

Streamline interviews with guided workflows to seamlessly track and action gaps in background checks, while closely monitoring hiring process deviations and exceptions.

10k Passport 01
10K Passport

Single Portable Profile

Simplify the job-changing process by managing all career documents in one place, eliminating the need for time-consuming repeat referencing and background checks.


Learning for senior leaders in international schools


Safer Recruitment: Challenges for International School Leaders

Get a deep dive into the challenges school leaders face when trying to keep their children safe.


Additional Info

How much does this cost?

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to making our technology accessible and affordable to all, otherwise we create an unlevel playing field where schools who are in most need of our screening solution can least afford it.

10kschools subscription is free of charge to non-profit schools and clubs, whilst for-profit schools and corporates can expect the annual cost to be a fraction of one student's annual tuition fee.

Please reach out to us at for indicative pricing for your organisation.

When can I get it?

10K Schools is currently in startup mode and the product is nearing BETA. If you want to be involved in this testing phase please email with BETA in the subject line. Otherwise, subscribe below for updates on general availability.

Who is on 10K Schools team?

10K Schools is the product of many years working on the front lines of school administration. Our team has direct experience managing the safeguarding process, as well as advisors and educational leaders who wish to transform child safeguarding for the better.

Our advisory board comprises some of the world's leading Chief Education Officers, Principals, Safeguarding Leaders and Chief Human Resources Officers who share our belief that decisive action is needed to transform the education industry and create a better future for all students. The board will be revealed after Ramadan.

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